Letter from The President of The NEEDS Center:


We at The NEEDS Center are currently working to keep the individuals we support, and all of the staff members supporting them safe, healthy and happy during this challenging time.  We have taken a number of steps to keep the people within the NEEDS Center as safe as we can.  We are fortunate that we have an outstanding group of dedicated staff members at every level of our organization, who are committed to one another and to the individuals we support.


If anyone visiting our site would like to help out in any way we would welcome the following:


  • Any Personal Protective Equipment that you may be able to donate to us to keep our staff and the individuals they support safe
  • Note – this would include any hand-made protective equipment
  • Donations of any size are always welcome and we are a 501-c-3 Organization so your donation will be tax deductible.


Please note we have instituted a hiring freeze for the time being, but if you would like to inquire about working with us you can reach out to our recruiter Matt Seidell by email


We sincerely hope that you are well, and appreciate your support of the NEEDS Center.






Jim Sperry , MS, BCBA, LABA

President and CEO

NEEDS Center, Inc. 

1390 Main St. 

Tewksbury, MA 01876

(p) 978-216-0300

(fax) 978-851-1030