Hi all. It has been a crazy couple of months since our last newsletter. Starting in January of 2020 we
began preparing for a new illness that seemed unlikely to cause a major disruption in the United
States. As we are all too aware this illness did in fact hit The US and the rest of the world, and has
disrupted everyone’s way of living.

At the NEEDS Center a great deal of our time and effort has been taken up with addressing this crisis,
and putting safeguards in place to keep the people we support, and all of their staff members as safe and
healthy as was possible. Despite our best efforts we were not able to completely avoid Covid-19, at the
time of this newsletter we have had 4 of our homes have cases of Covid-19 and nearly 20 of our our staff
members. Thankfully all people associated with the NEEDS Center who became ill with Covid-19 have
all since recovered.

During the past few months we have seen first-hand what an outstanding dedicated group of Program
Specialists, and Program Coordinators we have at The NEEDS Center. When this crisis hit, our staff
members stepped up even more than usual, and have truly been an inspiration to me, and the other
members of our Administrative team. We could not be more proud of them, and the work that they have
done during this difficult time.

Likewise the parents and guardians of the people we support have been an immeasurable support to all
of us here at The NEEDS Center. Everyone has rallied together, and made a stressful situation a little
less so. Parents and Guardians have done a number of things to help us including:
• Providing meals to the homes
• Donations of Money and Supplies
• Provided signs and other tokens of appreciation for our staff members
Provided moral support (which was at times badly needed)

Difficult times can either bring out the best or worst in people, and I must say we have seen nothing but
the best from everyone associated with the NEEDS Center especially the parents and guardians, and for
that we are extremely grateful.

We have had to put in place a number of precautions across the NEEDS Center, and many of these are
still in place. In the coming months we plan to loosen many of these restrictions, as we attempt to return
to a more normal way of life. At the same time we will all need to stay vigilant in regards to Covid-19
and be prepared to act should there be a second wave of infections at some point in the future.
Despite the pandemic and the change to our way of living the individuals we support have done quite
well throughout the entire process, and that staff members as mentioned previously have been

There will be more information on our steps to deal with the pandemic, and other non-Covid related
topics as well in the rest of this newsletter.
We hope everyone is staying well throughout this crazy time.

Jim Sperry

President and CEO
The NEEDS Center

Our Staff Are Heroes!